Blog Searching Assignment

1. Pick three topics

The three topics I chose are not really technology-related. I chose subjects that relate to my profession as a school librarian. There are technology issues inherent in a couple of my topics: information literacy, and school libraries. The third topic I chose is a reading incentive program called Battle of the Books.

2. Which search engine worked better than the others.

Overall, I liked the set up of IceRocket. It was uncluttered and used a larger font than some of the others, especially Technorati.

3. This is what I found using a Boolean search in the prescribed blog search engines:

  • Bloglines:

“Information Literacy” (17,300)

I copied a few URLs that I found especially interesting with notes or titles to help me remember what they were about.

Creating a successful information literacy program for distance students

“the adoption of appropriate information behaviour to identify, through whatever channel or medium, information well fitted to information needs, leading to wise and ethical use of information in society.”

Slide show – UK

(R)Evolution Process of Iran and Information Literacy

A lot of the blogs/organization sites were aimed at college/university IL.

Information literacy in the age of amateurs : how Google and Web 2.0 affects librarian’s support of Information Literacy

“School Libraries” (7,630 posts)

rss in school libraries

School Library Assn. weblog

“Battle of the Books” (1,120 posts)

Posts from blogs and organizations about this subject. Lists of books. Videos of competitions.

  • BlogScope

I searched “information literacy” and what I got was over 4 million results because it just picked up the word “information.” This happened with my other topics, too. So I didn’t pursue this search engine.

  • BlogSearch.

“Information Literacy” (74,273 posts)

Most of the discussion focuses on academic libraries, but the discussions are valid for all libraries.

Project Information Literacy Videos

Texas Information Literacy Tutorial – Univ. of Texas. Offline 8-14-09

Relates to the removal of above tutorial

Video by Cory Doctorow about information literacy.


PDF resource

Podcast: Information Literacy in the Digital Age

Teach Information Literacy & Critical Thinking! Lessons/evaluation tools.

“School Librarians” (37,514 posts)

Much of the discussion centered on the need for school libraries in the 21st century. Librarians will need to make the shift to a more technological-savvy generation.

“Battle of the Books” (8,641 posts)

Information, lists, news reports.

  • IceRocket – mostly blogs

“Information Literacy” (2,021 posts)

Dr. Mike Eisenberg slide show on Information Literacy

Lost her job as school librarian

“School Librarians” (696 posts)

The fate of school libraries is a hot topic in the blogs.

“Battle of the Books” (462 posts)

Accounts of participating in Battle of the Books, lists, etc.

  • Sphere

I couldn’t figure out how to search on this one.

  • Technorati

“Information Literacy” (623 results)

This search engine posted videos on the topic which I thought was helpful.

Good advice. Also, I loved the name of this blog: In the Library with the Lead Pipe.

“School Libraries” (497 results)

Includes video links

“Battle of the Books” (27 results)

Includes video links

4. Describe which blog search engine worked best and why you believe it was a better tool.

I addressed this earlier in #2. With the exception of BlogScope and Sphere, there were features I liked on all of them. But I liked the relatively unclutteredness of IceRocket, and the Big Buzz feature that appears to put 10 blogs in order by the most recent, as well as Twitter, MySpace, News and Images. It’s just tidy.

5. Explain how you would use blog search engines with students.

Assuming my students had created blogs, I would have the students search topics, possibly related to reading/literacy, book reviews, recommended books, and information literacy. What I don’t know is how to connect students with other student blogs. They might get kind of bored reading adult blogs.

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